She returns to see her Psychiatrist and is eager to continue to work on Her Daddy Issues. As she gets undressed she wants to please her doctor more than anything in the world. She now calls her Psychiatrist her daddy because she wants to be daddy’s favorite girl. She is turned on when she starts to suck his dick and wants more, but the session time is over and the Doctor makes her stop. She wants more and will have to wait until another session with her hot therapist and his cock.

(Session 1) She is feeling a bit better after seeing her psychiatrist for some time, but he thinks she needs to really tap into her suppressed feelings and open up more. As she does, she becomes more aware of her hidden issues and becomes more confident of herself.

She returns eagerly to see her Psychiatrist.  She’s really excited to continue working on Her Daddy Issues.  She has opened up and is excited to please her Doctor.  She is full of spunk and wants her Doctor’s dick in her mouth. 

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