As the step daughter begins her college journey the step father feels he should prepare his virgin for the men she will meet. Sitting on the bed he begins the sex conversation with her. Wide eye and intrigued by the images he paint. As she hears do you have any questions? She nods, Do you have a Big penis? But before he can answer she is on her knees begging to see it. Now he knows he shouldn’t but then says well i guess it would be better for you to learn firsthand about men from a man you trust in the safety of your home
A woman in the shower and a husband entering a room. He's expecting to see his wife surprising her on a work trip. He hears the shower and undresses. Sneaking into the bathroom. The unaware female that is not his wife hears a noise opening the shower door and baring her wet naked body to a strange man in her room.

As she is waiting for him to meet up with her, she gets a call from him letting her know he will be there soon. But she can wait, the anticipation is driving her crazy. She’s so horny that she has to touch herself. And she masturbates until she comes.


As a student approaches a Teacher she is troubled. She wants to give her self to a guy at school, but doesn’t know the first thing about sex. So she asks the Teacher if she can help her and tell her about sex. The sexy milf teacher is intrigued, but she tells the girl the only way to truly learn about sex is to have sex.

The College Professor calls his young hot college assistant and asks her to drop off graded tests to his house. But she decides to wait for him and gets all wet and ready.

A cute young petite girl is dressed and ready to go to an Anime convention when she gets separated from her friends and locked out of her room. Fortunately, she finds a guy who let’s her stay in his room until she can find her friends. But as the conversation gets started with them she becomes submissive to him and they eventually hook up. She quickly becomes very turned on and loves all the sex.

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